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Corn coated paneer, sauteed with spices.
It is a delicious dry starter item.

Is a deep fried pastry with a spiced filling made with potatoes, spices and herbs.

Pakora is good with cabbage as it Hardly absorbs oil.

Served with fried green chillies,onions

spice chillies dipped in gram flour,stuffed with sliced onions ,coriander 🌿,regular spices & deep fried..


Cauliflower chunks masala battered and deep fried.



Corn flour and masala coated deep fried paneer (Indian Cheese ) sauteed With Capsicum, onions, spring onions and spices, a delicious dish loved by our customers.


Chicken breast marinated with spices ,very light corn flour and sauteed with onions , chillies , garlic and spices.

Chicken Leg (Thigh and Drumstick) marinated with spices and cooked in Tandoori oven.

Lightly battered chicken breast pieces in spices and deep fried ,sauteed with peppers, onions and spring onions, melts in your mouth.

Chicken wings( skinless) marinated with spices, bread crumbs and fried.


Fried Boneless Tilapia fish


It is a savoury rice cake, The cakes are made by steaming a batter consisting of fermented black lentils and rice.
#Served with sambar and chutney.#



Moong Dal vada with peanut And (traditional Style 😋)

Crepes served with Sambar and Peanut Chutney

Poornalu is the traditional Indian sweet in the Telugu festivals. It is made of rice flour stuffed with jaggery mixed dal paste and dry fruits.

Crispy, fluffy & delicious fritters made from Urid dal and rice


Wheat flour flat bread, used top quality wheat flour, have with curries and dal.

Please order at least one main course dish with chapathis.


Freshly made garlic naan, goes very well with curries and starters, try once you will fall love with it. Contains garlic and milk

Poori 3 pcs

Pls note: this Will not come with any curry


Moong dal cooked and done tadka with spices and tomatoes , simple tasty and healthy goes with rotis , naans and rice.

Special today- Gutti vankaya, authentic Telugu recipe


Cauliflower cooked in kadai gravy, diced onions, Capsicum and spices.




Sambar is a South Indian lentil and vegetable stew made with pigeon pea lentils, tamarind and a unique spice blend called sambar powder.

Goes with rice.


Tomato rasam is a vibrant and delicious dish that is from south Indian cuisine. It is a staple in the region, is a south Indian version of tomato soup that is loaded with spices. This dish is versatile and utterly heavenly.

Goes with rice and Dal.


Paneer cooked in rich tomato and onion gravy along with the spices and mutter ( green pieces) , goes very well with naans, rotis and rice too.

# Medium spicy

Paneer slices cooked in creamy masala gravy of tomatoes and onions.

Paneer, capsicum , fresh tomatoes , onions and spices cooked together, rich flavour and taste.

#Medium spicy


Marinated paneer cubes are cooked with a spicy masala

Thindora(Ivy gourd) is fried with tomato, green chillies ,onion, ginger garlic paste and spices.

#Green veg# #Medium spice#



Medium spicy- nice and creamy


Is a medium spicy north Indian dish of chickpeas in a tomato onion gravy that is best eaten with a naan, roti and rice.


Moong dal (green gram) and masoor dal (red lentils) cooked with fresh tomatoes.


Creamy and buttery Dal Makhani is one of India’s most loved dal!

This dal has whole black lentils cooked with butter and cream and simmered on low heat for that unique flavor. It tastes best with garlic naan and goes well with rice too.

Potato chunks fried with cauliflower pieces and spices. Goes very well with naans ,roti and rice.


Paneer pieces cooked in fresh spincah gravy and spices.

Boneless chicken thighs cooked with onion tomato gravy, mild spices and Butter.

Cooked with succulent boneless chicken thighs

#Medium spicy#

specialist chicken curry cooked with chicken on bone, gongura, tomatoes and spices, very rich in flavour, goes very well with rice and rotis..


Special recipe, Chicken thighs cooked with Capsicum and onions - Thick gravy

A specialty chicken curry dish cooked in a special gravy, tender boneless chicken thighs cooked in the gravy make your meal memorable.

#Less spicy


Special Gongura lamb curry, a popular dish in South India.

Puntikura/Gongura leaves is nice and sour adds special flavour when cooked with lamb

Kitchen special lamb curry - Tender lamb pieces on bone cooked in slow flame along with spices the unique cooking process gives amazing texture and taste to the gravy and melts in your mouth.

A house special authentic mutton curry
Try once you love it :)




Egg curry cooked with tomatoes, spices and keeping the egg as chunky pieces to enjoy the spicy bites, can go as a side and also with rice and roti

Mains fry

Sliced okra deep-fried and tossed with spices and peanuts.

Chicken cooked in masala gravy and fried till end to retain the aroma and taste



Rice cooked with whole spices, goes very well with any curry and makes your dinner delicious..


Aromatic extra long grain basmati rice


Rice cooked along with onion tomato’s and spices

Basmathi rice sauteed with vegetables, onions , spring onions and spices,


House special fried rice sauteed with onions, peppers and Pieces of lightly battered fried chicken with spices.

Bagara rice and chicken fry in one box

This special Nawabi Biryani is recommended by our Chef. Prepared using the traditional dum process and spices to give the authentic taste. Served with raita.

Chicken biryani in South Indian Dhaba style

Semi fried chicken marinated with spices and cooked in dum style

#Special dish



Cooked with carrots, milk , ghee and sugar

Rasmalai is a very popular Indian dessert made with milk, nuts, cardamom,sugar and saffron - soft,spongy & juicy.


Popular Hyderabadi side dish, made with coconut, peanuts and sesame, this is a very good side dish for biryani.

#8oz box

Home style tomato chutney
Weight: 8oz box
#Red dried and green chillies#

# Freshly made
Fridge life: 3 days


Deep fried dough of black gram bean flour, fried until crunchy.


Made with greekstyle yogurt onions and tomatoes

Kid's menu

Thick soft drink ->Mango pulp , Yogurt and sugar..

Allergy notice:

Please be advised that our food items may contain ginger, garlic, dairy products, nuts, coconut, eggs, sesame seeds and other indian spices in different menu items.

Should you wish to find out more itemised alergy details, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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